We are a company committed to quality.

We have designs, manufacturing and assembly of steel structure services for all type of buildings; whose experience allows us to be a solid organization, with highly trained personnel in all our areas.


We are conversant with major international standards and codes for buildings and can adhere to the standard of your choice. Our strength lies in our knowledge and experience coupled with our desire to deliver nothing less than the best to our customers irrespective of the size of the project.


we provide a wide variety of structural engineering services for buildings.


JAMAR currently has two facilities. One for production with capacity to manufacture heavy and semi-heavy structures of all kinds. The second dedicated to enabling materials with the highest technology to carry out all kinds of projects.

Professionalism and quality in all our work.

Our structural design teams have an extensive experience in developing structural drawings and models.

We have the knowledge, experience, tools, staff and aptitude to create the best work. Innovate with our designs in addiction to ensure quality in our manufacturing , project management and more services; all with the aim of satisfying, creating trust and establishing solid foundations with our clients. Jamar, building and manufacturing the best structure to overcome limits.



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